Wednesday, January 19, 2022 @ 6:30 PM
Conrad Weiser at Schuylkill Valley (Wrestling)
Conrad Weiser 48
Schuylkill Valley 30
Highlights: Wednesday at Leesport, the Scouts (7-0, 15-2) won eight matches by pin to defeat the Panthers (3-2, 7-2), who won the other five matches by pin. Jerry Garcia had the match's fastest fall in 25 seconds at 189.
ClassWinDecisionLossScoreRunning Total
 285Kaleb Britting, CWpinnedChristian Davila, SV2:316-0
 106Jaiden Woodrum, CWpinnedNevaeh Blevins, SV0:3112-0
 113Aiden Moyer, SVpinnedMason Mieczkowski, CW1:0812-6
 120Davis Keppley, CWpinnedMason Shelak, SV2:3018-6
 126Anthony Foscone, SVpinnedBryson Gingrich, CW3:5418-12
 132Ian Vitalo, SVpinnedCameron Jones, CW1:3418-18
 138Wyatt Brownmiller, CWpinnedMaxwell Lawler, SV0:5424-18
 145Branden Manderbach, CWpinnedLegolas Yang, SV0:5430-18
 152Ryan Clay, CWpinnedJacob Stelluti, SV3:0136-18
 160David Rhein, SVpinnedJames Celentano, CW3:0136-24
 172Colin Stoudt, SVpinnedDylan Garcia, CW1:1936-30
 189Jerry Garcia, CWpinnedKyle Heckman, SV0:2542-30
 215Manny Rodriguez, CWpinnedLance Gribbin, SV1:3348-30